Member Testimonials

"I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying my membership to Fillaseat! I have lived in Vegas for 15 years, and have seen many shows...but your service has opened up a delightful ability to do so on a very regular basis, at virtually no cost. Absolutely incredible! I also very much appreciate how you constantly add new shows. Every time I receive an email announcing one or more new shows it is the first one I open, as I have found treasure in those emails in the past and have every expectation of gold in the future. Please keep up the GREAT work you is truly appreciated!" -D.G.

"Just want to say thank you for all you do to keep us up to date and informed. I have been thrilled at the ease of utilizing the website and the quality of the shows I have been able to access and attend." -H.F.

"…we are EXTREMELY satisfied with this membership. Instead of sitting around the house it has us getting out and doing things. The shows we've seen have been great and the seats for this past show could not have been any better! Thank you for providing such a wonderful glad I found it!" -R.K.

"WOW! Still in disbelief, we attended our first Fillaseat show this weekend and had a great time. I am a 53 year native to Las Vegas and I have seen a few shows over the years but I am also on a restricted income. Fillaseat gave me an opportunity to see a FIRST CLASS show and take my brother and his wife as our guests. On top of all that we had excellent seats, we are so very pleased and can't thank you enough." -M.W.

"Again Fillaseat providided us with another wonderful evening. We went to see a show for my birthday. We had seats right at the edge of the stage! I even got picked to go up and have Smoke Gets in Your Eyes sung to me! My girlfriends I took were more than impressed. That show is awesome and they all line up at the end to greet every guest. Thank you Fillaseat for your wonderful program!" -R.N.K.

"I joined and love it! I am new to Las Vegas; moved here (last)April from New York and love it more and more every day. has been great, the shows are good, reserving the tickets are easy and when at the show picking up the tickets are hassle free. I thought that by having free tickets they'd put us in the worst seats possible but I've never had bad seats! Actually, for most shows I have been quite close to the front. Also I have communicated with your office via email a couple of times and found them to be friendly and prompt in their response. Couldn't have a better product or better service! Since April I've seen quite a few shows by the end of the year I think I’ll be paying pennies a show when I average the shows to the membership fee. Las Vegas has so much to offer and Fillaseat is on the top of my list!" -K.W.

"We attended our first show this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! The whole process was so easy, from signing up for the tickets, to getting checked in and to our seats. We never dreamed we'd get to enjoy such a fun night out for so little expense. Both my husband and I truly thank you, and your team, for putting together a good program and supporting local charities and military. Thank you again for a great program and we will continue to spread the word! " -C.H.

"As a teacher in the Clark County School district whose family has personally experienced the recent downturn in the economy, FillaSeat has indeed been a bright star in the lives of my husband and me. We have thoroughly enjoyed each and every show we have seen! Thanks-Fillaseat!" -F. C.

"My family and I LOVE your company and the excitement and joy you bring us from being able to see these phenomenal shows!!!!!!!!! You're the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -K.S.

"Thank You for this great service! With my husband out of work for two years it is hard to find extra money to go out. We have seen some great shows with Fillaseat." -P.E.

"I want to thank you so much for working so hard in obtaining free admissions to these shows. My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan and thanks to your generosity (of offering a free membership to military families during the summer of 2010) I have been able to take my kids to some of these shows. It has been a welcomed distraction for all of us." -F. K.

"Thanks for a great night out." -D. V.

"Thank you for Fillaseat. I am a teacher and this is basically the only way I can afford to see shows in Las Vegas!" -A. E.

"Thanks for your time and consideration and for doing a great job providing us with entertainment! The show tickets that I got through your service provided us with the most fun we've had in years. It was a truly awesome experience! Thanks again!" -D.E.

"I am enjoying my FAS membership immensely! I tell everybody bout FAS! Thanks!" -S.F.

"Just want to thank you. My husband and I had the most AWESOME night. With 3 kids it is hard to get out. We got tickets from You made for a very memorable date night. Our tickets couldn't have been better, about 7 rows from the stage!!! My husband even caught me a guitar pick!!!!!!" -A.O.

"Thank you so much! Finally going to see (name of show). I can't believe it. You guys are awesome." -M.L.

"Thank you ...I really enjoy the service!!!" -P.S.

“I Love FillASeat. I can't imagine not ever being a member! Thanks again for your work and dedication in getting these offers together for us to enjoy.” -J.J.

“As a single parent and a graduate student, I look forward to treating my friends, daughter and I to the wonderful concerts that you provide every week! There is no way financially, I could to afford give the gift of seeing all these concerts as well as others on my salary so I want to ..Thank-You!!” -W.S.

“We have attended 4 shows so far and it has been a great opportunity using Fillaseat." -D. K.

"When you look around and know someone sitting right next to you paid full price, the membership is amazing.” -A.W.

“Just wanted to say thanks for the emails and updates.  I moved to Vegas last year, and I love the service.  My husband and I have been to many shows and enjoyed every one of them.  I would recommend it to anyone and I will try to get some referrals.” -S.G.

“Your customer service is the reason I renewed. I have recommended you to quite a few people. I know there are choices out there, but I feel your company is the best in the business.” -T K

“You folks work very hard providing a service that is worth far more that what is charged. I for one truly appreciate what a terrific job you are doing. I have recommended you to all my friends. Once again, you folks are doing an fantastic job. I thank You One and All” -J. M.

“I would just like to say THANK YOU! We used Fillaseat for the first time last night to see (name of show). I took my 7 year old son and we were seated in the VIP front row! It was a spectacular show, and I will pay to go back and see it again. I even wrote that on the survey they passed out. There aren't too many shows I can that about. And the cost of those seats paid for my membership several times over. So not only did we have a fantastic experience, but an exceptional value. Thank you for all you do, because if it weren't for your services, I wouldn't be able to take my son to all of these new experiences.” -N. B.

“Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your professionalism and efficiency in providing such a great service! Kudos to all of you who make this website available and so easy to navigate through. Thanks again!” -N. O.

“Just want to thank you for all you do to provide this site. I’m brand new to Vegas, on my own and still trying to develop some friendships. Most importantly, I’m on a very limited budget and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to see these shows. They ALL have value and I do my best to make a good audience member and show lots of appreciation to the hard working performers. Please keep up the good work and again, thank you!” -L. P.

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the service you provide. I received an excellent ticket, met some lovely people and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I have a very limited budget and simply would not be able to see these shows without your service. Thank you so much!” -R. S. P.

"I love Fillaseat in Las Vegas. We have enjoyed so many wonderful shows over the years that we wouldn't otherwise been able to attend. They work very hard to bring us a great variety of shows. There is always something new. That is all wonderful, but what is even more incredible is the wonderful caring staff that is behind the scenes. Anytime I've ever had a question about something I have emailed them and they always respond so quickly with answers. Several years ago, we weren't able to attend a show because our son fell ill to a heart condition and needed immediate surgery. Not only did they forgive the ticket reservation right away but they continued to check on him during his recovery. He is now 19 with zero problems. But their effort was above and beyond and very appreciated. Thank you, Fillaseat staff for always working hard to bring us the greatest shows and variety of things and caring so much for your customers. Anyone trying to decide whether or not to join, I'm telling you they are worth every penny! " -R.N.