Membership Rules

Please review the Fillaseat Rules listed below. 

Members must agree to and follow all of these rules. 

If you have any questions or concerns contact us by email at


  • The member must pick up the tickets and attend the event. They may take anyone as their guests and can change the guest for each event they attend.
  • Members are NOT allowed to gift/give/sell tickets. 
  • Members must pickup tickets at the designated times listed on the event (not before or after).
  • Members must only reserve the number of tickets they will be using. Failure to use all of the tickets reserved will result in a warning.
  • Members may only reserve ONE event per day. 
  • Tickets are first come first serve.
  • Members are allowed only 1 membership per year, per household.
  • Members must log in to the website to locate and reserve tickets.
  • All memberships are Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable.
  • Members should contact Fillaseat directly with any questions and NEVER contact the show or venue directly.
  • Members may be limited to the number of times they can attend the same show.
  • Once you reserve tickets for a show or event, you will receive an email with all the details. Please read them and follow all pick up times. 
  • Members only need to bring their ID to the Will Call in order to pick up tickets
  • Please be discreet when picking up tickets at the venue. Someone in line behind you or at the next table over may be paying full price.
  • Members may not hold Fillaseat or the venue responsible for any last minute cancellations.
  • Fillaseat will not be held financially responsible for any of its members' actions or the actions of any venues.
  • All tickets are confidential and only available to members.
  • Any member who does not attend a show they reserved will face a 2-strike policy. Miss two shows that you reserved tickets for and your membership is cancelled without refund. If the show that you miss is an "on-going" or "returning" show, you will not be allowed to see that show if it is listed in the future. You may also be banned from getting tickets from that venue or hotel again as well.
    (Starting January of 2020, Fillaseat will have a "Ticket Fine Fee" in which any show a member signs up for and does not attend, that member will have to pay a $10.00 per ticket fine and their account will be frozen until it is paid. This is put into place so members are not taking tickets that someone else could have used.)
FillaseatLasVegas reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member who does not follow all the rules listed. If a member causes any type of disturbance at a venue or creates a problem with the venue, their membership will be cancelled without refund. Also, Fillaseat will not tolerate negative, angry, or “hostile” emails. If that is the case, memberships may be cancelled or denied renewal.