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Why Use Fillaseat Las Vegas ?

Any time you have empty seats, you are missing out on money spent on concessions, merchandise, food and drinks. The performers also prefer performing to a packed house. With Fillaseat Las Vegas you'll have the ideal opportunity to increase potential revenue while introducing brand new patrons to your venue and events!

When you see that ticket sales might not be going as well as expected and you have extra seats available, have your event privately posted on Fillaseat Las Vegas and get those seats filled!

We privately send people to your shows & events without impacting regular ticket sales.

When you have extra seats available for a show or want to increase traffic at your event...
  • You fill out the electronic "Promoter Info" form and tell us about the event and number of comp seats you wish to release.

  • We promote the event on our "members only" private website and our members make reservations.

  • We issue you a Will Call list on the day of the event.

It's quick, easy and no cost to you...

  •  Strict Privacy Policy

    We won't ever publicly promote the names of our entertainment partners.

  • 96% Attendance Rate

    Know exactly how many people are going to show, instead of handing out comp tickets and just hoping people attend.

  • Additional Revenue

    Although you are providing comp tickets to fill your seats, our members spend money on concessions, drinks, merchandise and other purchases.